Ara Manoogian

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Known as “The Change Maker,” Ara has extensive local and international experience in making changes that benefit the masses.

"As congressman, I will do everything in my power to address the homelessness epidemic, mental health, affordable housing, spousal abuse, and equal education. I will address issues which will benefit my constituents in order for them to live the dignified and prosperous life they deserve."



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Proven Leadership

Ara Khachig Manoogian is a Human Rights Activist, an Investigative Journalist, Artsakh Representative for the Shahan Natalie Family Foundation and a member of Policy Forum Armenia

Human trafficking, illegal adoption practices, army abuse, and government corruption in Armenia and Artsakh are among Manoogian’s primary concerns.

His activism has been widely covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio LibertyHetqKeghartHraparak and other media outlets. Ara K. Manoogian is the co-author of Desert Nights (2006), a book and a documentary which uncovers a large international human trafficking network based in Dubai, involving representatives of the Armenian and UAE law-enforcement agencies.


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