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Issues Ara Will Address As Congressman
Affordable Housing

Fund the construction of track homes built on publicly owned lands that are held in trust by the Federal Government (approximately 45% of all land in California) and offer them for sale at cost to all working and retired Americans, as well as those who are disabled and receiving benefits. These homes will be built using the latest and most cost effective technology (3d printing), which will reduce the cost of construction 10 fold of current affordable housing, currently costing $500k to $700k per unit. This affordable housing will help to fulfill the American dream of home ownership and curb the problem of rent increases. Mortgage payments will help to build more homes, as well as property tax to the state. It will also stimulate the economy by providing jobs in the construction industry.

Education Reform
Knowledge is power. Our educational system is in desperate need of modernization. As your representative in Congress, I will do everything in my power to assure that the needs of all children are met and most importantly, whenever possible, promote the inclusion of students with special needs is in place. My goal is to make sure that ALL children are well-prepared for integration into the general population so they may live a prosperous and dignified life they deserve.
Healthcare For All
You are what you eat. In America today, over 250 million people are overweight and obese, with 360,000 annual deaths caused by this often avoidable condition. Healthcare For All will provide health care treatment (medical, dental and vision) to every American citizen regardless of their socioeconomic status. It will be paid for from a tax charged to the junk food manufacturers and importers. This tax will also cause an increase in the cost of junk food, making healthy alternatives more affordable and appealing to consumers. This tax is optional to the consumer, who can simply opt out by not purchasing junk food.
Economic Balance

Establish an economic atmosphere that favors a dignified and balanced life for all, equipping citizens with the proper tools, information, and services to create a flourishing economic environment.

Elderly Rights
Improve the care system for the elderly by working towards affordable medication, strengthening elder abuse laws, easy access to medical treatment, automatic renewal for Medicare, elderly-friendly street signage, easy access to public spaces.
Investigating Government Corruption
Empower the people to battle the politics of corruption and fear by establishing an anonymous hot-line to report unethical practices. Support 3rd party audits of government-funded programs.
Homeless Crisis
Address the homeless crisis by helping our underprivileged citizens with health services (physical and mental), vocational training, and shelter through transitional temporary housing.
Mental Health
Provide Federally-funded mental health care to all.
Suicide Prevention

There is a rise suicide, especially in teens. As your Congressional Representative, I will support programs that will provide services to those contemplating suicide, as well as educate the public about suicide prevention in order to help prevent this senseless loss of life.

Training for Civil Servants to Interact With Persons With Special Needs
With the ever-growing population of persons with special needs, I will author a Bill that mandates all civil servants to be given training on how to recognize the needs and appropriately communicate/interact with persons with special needs.
Spousal Abuse Protection, Prevention, and Reconciliation
Provide service for victims of spousal abuse, including a safe space, physical and mental health treatment, as well as counseling for recovery and reconciliation.
EMF Emissions Protection (5G)
With the recent push from telecommunications companies to rollout 5th Generation (5G) cellular networks, concerns of potentially harmful electromagnetic fields have been raised by professionals. A recently publish 10-year $30 million study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), revealed that these EMF Emissions can cause cancer and damage to DNA strands. As your congressional representative, I will demand that the rollout be stopped until this new technology is proven safe.
Veterans Rights
Help veterans and their families assimilate and prosper after serving, provide proper healthcare, training, and equipment for conditions afflicted by or related to their national service.
War and Diplomacy
The United States has become a police force for the world and has a history of supporting regime change wars to overthrow internationally recognized governments. As your Congress Representative, I will do everything in my power to prevent the United States from supporting or entering into regime change wars and rather support diplomacy for the sake of conflict resolution.
Correctional Facility Reforms
Establishing programs to effectively rehabilitate the inmate population by providing medical, psychological, vocational and social interaction training to educate and prepare them for reintegration into civil society.
Genocide Prevention & Reparation
As a Congress Representative, I will author a Bill to fulfill the United States' obligation to the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The United States became a member state on December 11, 1948, and ratified it on November 25, 1988. All-State Parties to the Convention must take measures to prevent and to punish those who have committed genocide. This obligation includes the enactment of relevant legislation that punishes the perpetrators, “whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.”
Reconciliation of Conflicting Groups
Through improved education and community affairs, reconciling bipartisan neighborhoods, harmonizing opposing religions, beliefs, lifestyles.
Cultural Enlightenment
Cultivate spaces and experiences that teach, promote, and educate the masses of different cultures and lifestyles in order to harmonize local neighborhoods and the global environment.

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